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Matthew Stout is the primary Real Estate Attorney at Stout Law, PLLC

At Stout Law, We Have
Been in Your Position.

And the range of legal services we provide are centered around one greater responsibility: taking the weight of your legal problems off of your shoulders and on to ours.
Stout Law ensures complete compliance and enforceability of contracts and behaviour - be it real estate contracts, business contracts, out-of-court dispute resolutions, or an estate plan.

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Stout Law, PLLC specializes in Real Estate Law.

Real Estate Law

Stout Law has a combined 25+ years experience with Matthew Stout having been an investor, broker, Realtor, licensed residential builder and licensed to practice the law in 2019.

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Stout Law, PLLC specializes in Contract Drafting.

Contract Drafting

Your Contracts are the foundation of any rock-solid protection strategy. Stout Law ensures that these contracts provide maximum possible protection and are totally enforceable.

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Stout Law, PLLC specializes in resolving disputes of all types outside of the courtroom.

Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution

Stout Law specializes in a pre-emptive approach to legal dispute resolution that minimizes your risk so that you can maintain peace of mind.

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Stout Law, PLLC specializes in Business Law.

Business Law

Forming a new corporation or LLC? Drafting operating agreements? Need a Registered Agent? Stout Law has real experience serving these needs.

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Stout Law, PLLC specializes in Estate Planning.

Estate Planning

Stout Law provides peace of mind that each aspect of your estate is accounted for and an all-encompassing plan is put into place.

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Stout Law, PLLC specializes in Estate Planning.

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Stout Law offers nothing but the most exceptional legal service that is based on years of relevant experience.

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The people at Stout Law, PLLC have real life experience running businesses and utilizing the very same legal services that we provide. We understand the multitude of challenges that our customers face because we have been in their shoes. We have the deep experience and understanding required to provide you the legal services we offer.

Stout Law, PLLC prioritizes our client's success in all legal business and real estate matters.

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